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Style, fashion and philanthropy rolled into one.

an orange tabby cat and a black tuxedo cat

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About Ashley

Hi! I'm Ashley - owner, designer, seamstress, and pet momma! My house is full of love from my fur babies - currently, that's 6 dogs, 5 cats, 8 chickens, and 2 ducks! 

Over the years, I've had 20 foster dogs, 10 foster kittens, 5 chickens, and a pig - Charlotte's Web has nothin' on me!

As I'm sure all my fur parents know, your pet has a unique personality, which can't always be defined by one specific color from their collar, and sometimes your pup just needs a little more! 

The business was inspired by one of my sweet fosters, Daisy Mae. In 2017, Daisy Mae turned my brand from (human) baby bibs and accessories into what it is today. Daisy Mae was originally named L10 and came all the way to Wisconsin from Georgia where she was rescued from a hoarding case. 

When I brought her home, I gave her the name "Daisy" because she looked like a little farm dog - white fur and black spots, a la holstein cow. Her co-foster was another foster fail of mine, Mr. Holiday. They came into my home and fit into the family immediately. 

Unfortunately, Miss Daisy Mae passed in September 2022. I celebrate her life by continuing this business, which she inspired! 


I search for the best fabrics, ribbons and materials to use to make sure that all of our fur babies feel as special and loved as they make us feel! I love to donate a portion of my sales back to charity, which changes every month. I know pets can be some of the most selfless souls, and it's important for me to reflect that in my business.

Thanks for your support! 



"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

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