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  • How much gets donated to charities monthly?
    We take 10% of the months total revenue, and donate it directly to the charity that is listed for the month. Check back every month to see what the new charity is!
  • How do I know what size collar to get my pet?
    If your pet has a properly fitting collar already, take a measurement of how long their collar is when it is laying flat. If your pet does not have a collar, take a fabric tape measure and wrap it around their neck - be sure not to hold it too tight to get an accurate measurement! Make sure to be patient and give treats or cuddles for their tolerance.
  • How do I order a custom collar?
    There's an option to order something custom in the shop section of our website. and you can list details in your order. If you want to ask a more in depth question about a custom order, feel free to send an email on the website, or a direct message to our Instagram or Facebook.
  • What's the difference in the buckles?
    Plastic breakaway buckles are for cats and only comes for size XXS and XS. The breakaway is what is used on cat collars for safety reasons, so they don't get stuck while climbing, jumping, running etc. The regular plastic buckles is what is used for dog collars, ranging from size XXS to XXL. These are what you see on lots of dog collars, and is pretty standard. No breakaway, so you're able to use it to attach a leash if needed. The metal buckles is an elevated look and style for dog collars, ranging from sizes XXS to XXL. Between the metal and plastic buckles, there is not much difference function wise, just a matter of preference of look and style.
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