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Will Spring & Summer Ever Arrive?

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with your furry friend. To make sure your pet is looking and feeling their best, it's time to update their collars, leashes, and harnesses with the latest trends.

First up, bright and bold colors are in for spring and summer. Think neon pinks, blues, and greens. These colors will make your pet stand out in a crowd and add a fun pop of color to any outfit.

Next, patterns are a big trend this season. From stripes to polka dots, there are plenty of fun and playful patterns to choose from. You can mix and match patterns or stick with one theme for a cohesive look.

If you have an adventurous pup, a harness is a must-have accessory. They provide better control and support than a traditional collar and leash, and they come in all sorts of fun colors and designs. Some even have reflective materials for added safety during nighttime walks. I am happy to add reflective material to any custom order harness or collar.

For the fashion-forward pet owner, personalized accessories are a big trend this season. You can get your pet's name or initials embroidered onto their collar or leash for a stylish and personalized touch.

There you have it, the top spring and summer trends in pet collars, leashes, and harnesses! Whether you prefer bright colors, fun patterns, or personalized accessories, there's something for every pet owner to enjoy. So go ahead and update your pet's gear for the season, and get ready to hit the great outdoors in style!

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